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Graphic Image

Graphical images can be used as a visual prompt to allow ease of operation.

Beer Logos

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Fast Bar

We can design your home screen with all your popular products in one designated place.

fast bar screen shot

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Cocktail Recipe Notes

By pressing cocktail recipe and highlighting the cocktail a description of the ingredients and preparation for the cocktail will be displayed. With option to print this information.

cocktail recipe notes

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Product Price Tariffs

Up to 9 different Price tariffs per product eg. Happy Hour, Early Bird, Private Functions, Week Day/Weekend, Daytime/Evening.

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Bar Tabs

An account can be created for regular customers or if you offer waitress service.

bar tabs

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Staff Operators

  • Customise staff operation allows restriction on staff access eg disable no sales, voids, refunds and reporting.
  • Magnetic Cards or magnetic keys can be used for individual clerk sign on
  • Clerk overlay feature
  • Supervisor and management levels

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Staff Incentives

Individual product sales can report to operator sales eg. Wine of the month, Special Cocktail.
Operators can be rewarded in reflection of their sales.

staff incentives

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Challenge 25

Creates a screen to monitor any ID requests.
Challenge 25 reporting for local authority visits.

challenge 25


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For example BOGOF, Discounts, Cheapest product free.
These promotions can be time and day scheduled.



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There are 3 separate period report totalisers  e.g Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Each totaliser has many individual reports. These are just a few examples:


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There are 5 categories for loyalty

  1. Non Maintenance Price Tariff Swipe - This is a global loyalty. When a loyalty card is swiped at terminal the price tariff will automatically change. This is a common within members clubs.
  2. Non Maintenance Discount Swipe - Can be used as a straight discount or selective discount. No physical discount buttons required on the terminal (prevents abuse)
  3. Points Reward – Customer database is created with individual customer accounts. Customer history can be reported from this. Eg. Statements, transaction history (back office software is recommended for this feature)
  4. Cashless - Prepaid card account. Money is paid on to card account prior to use. As an incentive you may add extra 5% for example. (back office software is recommended for this feature)
  5. Non-Maintenance Loyalty Voucher - A customer spend total is set e.g.£100.00 once the set amount is reached a voucher is produced from the receipt printer. e.g. £5.00 off your next purchase.


Loyalty Screen


Points redeem Voucher


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