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Restaurants and Coffee Shops


Table Plans

Graphical Restaurant floor plan with all tables displayed.

Table Plan

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Table Accounts

  • Itemised bill printing
  • Table transfer
  • Split bill (image)
  • Set menu (2course/3course)
  • Open table report
  • Sorted bill

split bill

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Order Printing

  • Products to report to different preparation areas eg.
  • Kitchen (starter area, main course area, desert area)
  • Bar drinks preparation hot beverages
  • Categories grouped
  • Cooking preparations to print eg meat preparation, side orders.

order printing

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Cocktail Recipe Notes

By pressing cocktail recipe and highlighting the cocktail a description of the ingredients and preparation for the cocktail will be displayed. With option to print this information.

cocktail recipe notes

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Product Price Tariffs

Up to 9 different Price tariffs per product eg. Happy Hour, Early Bird, Private Functions, Week Day/Weekend, Daytime/Evening.

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Bar Tabs

An account can be created for regular customers or if you offer waitress service.

bar tabs

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For example BOGOF, Discounts, Cheapest product free.
These promotions can be time and day scheduled.



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There are 3 separate period report totalisers  e.g Daily, Weekly, Monthly. Each totaliser has many individual reports. These are just a few examples:


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