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Hand Held Wireless Waitressing Ordering


Advantages section

  • Every item is accounted for and transferred to table account.
    Therefore all items are charged no missed bottles of wines or drinks during busy period and staff are under pressure.
  • As operator covers restaurant floor they are more likely to up sell drinks
  • Every order is timed stamped, so easy to prioritise.
  • Orders are processed more efficiently.
  • Faster table turn around (this is particularly beneficial during the lunch time window or during early menus)
  • Less foot traffic on the restaurant floor creating a more relaxed atmosphere.
  • All products and messages printed clearly. No handwriting for preparation staff to understand.
  • Prompts for condiments. All items are sent to the designated preparation area eg. Meat preparation, side orders and special requirements.
  • Prompts for up sell eg extra side orders, sauces etc.

Hand Held Wireless Waitressing Ordering



There are 3 main operational areas:

  1. The Order Taker – These members of staff are strictly based on the restaurant floor taking orders
  2. The Preparation – Chef and Bar staff
  3. The Server - These members of staff are designated to serve the food to customer


hand held flowchart