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Advertising Screens

Integrated 10”display or any size PC monitor
Configured screens to show customer purchases and advertise products / promotions etc.




There are 5 categories for loyalty

  1. Non Maintenance Price Tariff Swipe - This is a global loyalty. When a loyalty card is swiped at terminal the price tariff will automatically change. This is a common within members clubs.
  2. Non Maintenance Discount Swipe - Can be used as a straight discount or selective discount. No physical discount buttons required on the terminal (prevents abuse)
  3. Points Reward – Customer database is created with individual customer accounts. Customer history can be reported from this. Eg. Statements, transaction history (back office software is recommended for this feature)
  4. Cashless - Prepaid card account. Money is paid on to card account prior to use. As an incentive you may add extra 5% for example. (back office software is recommended for this feature)
  5. Non-Maintenance Loyalty Voucher - A customer spend total is set e.g.£100.00 once the set amount is reached a voucher is produced from the receipt printer. e.g. £5.00 off your next purchase.

Loyalty Screen


Points redeem Voucher



Time and Attendance

Prevent Time Fraud
Create clock in/ clock out feature with card swipes
Biometrics (fingerprint recognition) Staff member has to physically be on site.
Report attendance and hours worked. Know that you’re not paying staff for not being there.

hours worked


Product Recipes

By pressing product recipe and highlighting the product a description of the ingredients and preparation for the product will be displayed.

With option to print this information.
(Commonly used for cocktails as shown below)

cocktail recipe notes




chip pinIntegrated Chip and Pin

Chip and pin terminal integrated to the epos system. Advantages are you do not have to manually enter the value of the transaction. It is recorded via the transaction on the epos terminal. Receipt printed via the epos terminal printer.

(A broadband connection is requires for this feature)